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Healthier the way you want, sweet the way you love.

As a first-of-its-kind revolutionary smart sugar, I’m lite gives your family their daily dose of favourites with a healthy twist.

So, what makes I’m lite, right for your family?

Good question. Let’s start with…

Why I’m lite?

I’m lite is a blend of Sugar and Stevia. This perfect combination makes it an ideal substitute for ordinary sugar as it cuts the calories by half.



The sweet enhancer that converts all our favorites into tastier ones.



Nature’s gift to all sweet lovers. We have blended this natural sweet enhancer with sugar to provide your family an experience they will always cherish.

Same sweetness. In just half a spoon.

Using just half the quantity of I’m lite compared to ordinary sugar, gives you the same amount of sweetness. And none of the guilt.

Choose right. Choose I’m lite.

Now, sweetness comes in smart sizes, so you can enjoy all your sweet treats with your smart sugar.

For families with great taste,
you’ve come to the right place… Ready, set, drool...

I'm lite is healthy. So is asking questions.

What is Stevia?
Also known as ‘meethi tulsi’, Stevia is a plant whose leaves are naturally sweet. It is globally considered as a natural sweet enhancer.
Is I'm lite advisable for diabetics?
While I'm lite has got all the properties of sugar, we recommend consulting your physician for advice and direction.
What are the benefits of using I'm lite?
I'm lite is a healthier sugar which has 50% less calories compared to normal sugar. It also helps in weight management, fitness and general wellness of the entire family.