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The I’m lite Story

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Healthier the way you want, sweet the way you love.

As a first-of-its-kind revolutionary smart sugar, I’m lite gives your family their daily dose of favourites with a healthy twist.

So, what makes I’m lite, right for your family?

Good question. Let’s start with…

Why I’m lite?

I’m lite is a blend of Sugar and Stevia. This perfect combination makes it an ideal substitute for ordinary sugar as it cuts the calories by half.



The sweet enhancer that converts all our favorites into tastier ones.



Nature’s gift to all sweet lovers. We have blended this natural sweet enhancer with sugar to provide your family an experience they will always cherish.

The healthier sugar for a healthy lifestyle.

When you and your family members all have a sweet tooth, satisfying your sweet cravings can be hard. Until it isn’t. Simply, choose to healthify your everyday family favourites with I’m lite and give your family the sweet yet healthy lifestyle they deserve.