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Gajar ka Halwa!

It’s winter season! That time of the year again, where every kitchen is loaded with different mouth-watering, sweet winter eats, of which gajar ka halwa, also called gajrela, holds a special place in every Indian’s heart.

However, it has garnered a bad reputation due to the excess amount of sugar, a.k.a. calories, thrown in the recipe. It’s no exaggeration to assume that our love for this calorie-laden goodness is boundless. But, just thinking about the pounds you’re about to gain, makes this amazing dish, an almost, sinful affair. It spells indulgence – you just can’t stop with one bite! And why should you, when you have a smart sugar like I’m lite?

Simply, add in a healthy twist to your gajar ka halwa with I’m lite, which gives you 50% less calories and you can make this winter-special dessert, a healthy-special one.


  1. 4.5 cups grated carrots
  2. 4 cups whole milk
  3. 4 tbsps ghee
  4. 12 tbsps sugar (Use half the quantity with I’m lite– 6 tbsps)
  5. 1 tsp cardamom powder
  6. 10-12 cashews – chopped
  7. 10-12 almonds – sliced/ chopped
  8. 2 tbsps golden raisins
  9. 1 pinch saffron strands – optional


  1. In a deep thick bottomed pan, combine the milk & grated carrots.
  2. On a low to medium flame, bring the whole mixture to a boil & then simmer.
  3. While the mixture is simmering on a low flame, keep on stirring.
  4. The grated carrots will cook in the milk, which will start to reduce & evaporate.
  5. When the milk has reduced by 75%, add the ghee, I’m lite & powdered cardamom to the mixture.
  6. Stir well & continue to simmer & cook on a low flame.
  7. Keep on stirring the halwa in between.
  8. Towards the end, add the cashews, almonds, saffron & raisins.
  9. Simmer the halwa till all the milk is evaporated. Switch off the burner.
  10. Serve the gajar ka halwa, hot or cold, as per your preference.

Enjoy this crowd pleaser of a dessert and don’t hold back from making a big batch without any weight gain worries, since it’s made with I’m lite, which gives you the taste, look & sweetness of sugar, but with less calories. A perfect blend of sugar and stevia, I’m lite will ensure this delicacy and any leftovers, can be enjoyed as a household treat, complete with fighting over the crusty bits. Pair it with a cup of garam masala chai and it can only be the start of a great winter season!

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