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Let’s pledge to have a Sweet-Smart start to the New Year

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Harvest festivities are in full swing in various parts of the country. People in the north are celebrating Lohri by gathering around the fire with offerings for a bountiful harvest. In the west, people are celebrating Makar Sankranti by praying to the Sun God for prosperity. Similarly, in the south & eastern parts of India, festivals like Pongal, Bihu, Uttarayan, and Makaravilakku are being observed with hopeful reservations for abundant crops and nourishment. What ties all these festivals together are the sweet delicacies which remain at the centre of every celebration. All of which can be made perfectly healthy when you choose to #BeSweetSmart using I’m lite. Let’s show you what we mean using four of our top favourites:

  1. Patishapta
    One of the most popular Bengali sweets relished during the rice harvesting season, this crepe can be prepared in a couple of minutes with a few ingredients, like milk, maida, ghee, sooji, salt, I’m lite, and nuts. Perfectly sweet & healthy since it’s made with I’m lite, which gives you the sweetness of regular sugar, but with low calories.
  2. Sweet Pongal
    A creamy, sweet porridge-like preparation, Sweet Pongal is a delicious south Indian festive dish made with rice, moong lentils, ghee, cardamoms, nuts & I’m lite which is made from 100% natural ingredients like stevia. Since I’m lite is additionally, low on calories, you can even try giving a new twist to this traditional dessert by making Chocolate Pongal.
  3. Atta Pinni
    More popular in North India, Atta Pinni is quintessentially sweet, wholesome, delicious, and full of good energy. Made with whole wheat flour, ghee, various nuts, spices & I’m lite which gives you 50% less calories, this dessert is the perfect indulgence for the winter & harvest season!
  4. Basundi
    Cardamom flavoured and dry fruit-laced basundi is a treat to taste buds at any time and especially during the New Year! This popular milk-based dessert from western India, can be prepared using milk, nutmeg & cardamom, with half the sugar usage when compared to ordinary sugar since you can make it with I’m lite!

So, mark the beginning of a new season with a new smart sugar that lets you enjoy all your old sweet favourites, in a sweet smart way!