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Here Are 9 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Festive Season!

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  • Here Are 9 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Festive Season!

The beginning of the festive season is here and it’s time to meet family, friends and make memories. With the spirit of the festivities at its peak, you’re probably wondering how to keep yourself healthy? Let’s get right to it:

  1. Begin the day with ‘methi’ water:
    Start your day with fenugreek (methi) seeds water. Because of its natural fibre content, it keeps you fuller.
  2. Keep yourself well hydrated:
    Drink enough water throughout the day or include coconut water, lemon water or buttermilk in your meal-plan.
  3. Avoid starving yourself:
    Not eating for a long period of hours can lead to weakness, anaemia, fatigue and even headaches. Keep finger foods handy like nuts, seeds or fruits.
  4. Have small portions:
    Avoid a long gap between meals and say no to binge-eating. Stick to small portions throughout the day or opt for healthy juices made with a healthy sugar like I’m lite, which gives you 50% less calories.
  5. Gorge on homemade sweets:
    You don’t need to avoid sweets completely, but you can make homemade sweets like besan ladoo, flaxseed ladoo, panjeeri etc. using a smart ingredient like I’m lite. It’s the healthiest option, because you need to use half as much when compared to regular sugar, because 1 spoon of I’m lite has the sweetness of 2 spoons of sugar.
  6. Healthy snacking:
    You may feel hungry at any time of the day. Keep nutritious snacks like sweet lassi or sabu dana kheer to get you through the day. When you choose to make your snacks with I’m lite, you’re going healthy all the way! Because I’m lite is made from 100% natural ingredients like stevia, and provides the sweetness of regular sugar, but with 50% less calories.
  7. Indulge in some physical activities:
    No time to exercise? No problem. Take out 15-20 minutes for a brisk walk or stretching, which will help you maintain your fitness even during this festive season.
  8. Get enough sleep:
    Activities during the festive period can change your daily routine and lead to feeling sleepy or dizzy during the day. Therefore, get your beauty sleep every night to avoid health hazards.
  9. Keep stress at a bay:
    Festivals are all about positivity. So, despite following a tight schedule, remember to take time out for meditation in order to keep stress at bay.

So, go ahead and enjoy the festive season & stay healthy, the right way!