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Here Are 3 Treats To End 2022 On A ‘Sweet Smart’ Note

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Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? Great! Go off the traditional desserts track and impress your guests with 3 unique ‘sweet-smart’ delicacies that will serve as the ideal way to say goodbye to 2022. All perfectly sweet, all perfectly healthy. And all made using your smart sugar, I’m lite!

  1. New Year’s Eve Party Loaf
    From the name itself, you can already tell it’s a party in your mouth. Sweet, & buttery, the bread loaf is filled with honey butter, has a slightly crispy outer crust, and has an excellently soft & fluffy interior. It’s ring-shaped, which makes it fitting for New Year’s Eve, since it symbolizes good fortune & the circle of life. But, to make it extra holiday-worthy, drizzle the top with a I’m lite glaze and gold and silver I’m lite sprinkles. No calorie worries necessary, since your loaf is made with I’m lite, which gives you the sweetness of regular sugar, but with low calories.
  2. New Year’s Eve Ball Cupcakes
    If party-worthy is what you’re looking for, these chocolate cupcakes definitely fit the bill. Frosted with chocolate buttercream & topped with an elegant golden sphere, they’re made with a handful of ingredients including I’m lite, which is made from 100% natural ingredients like stevia. Since this sweet smart sugar is additionally, low on calories, your cupcakes will be a natural New Year’s Eve crowd pleaser.
  3. New Year’s Eve Countdown Cookies
    Soft butter cookies, dressed up with a fancy countdown clock! Since it’s made with I’m lite which gives you 50% less calories, you can munch on this New Year’s Eve party dessert, guilt-free, while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. As for the decorations, all you’ll need are frosting, edible flakes and sprinkles, and edible candy markers.

So, end the year with these ‘sweet-smart’ eats & let your calorie worries be forgotten as you bring in the new year!

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