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Health. It runs in the family.

Health is the order of the day. Every day. And when you pick I’m lite, you pick a healthy lifestyle. One which never leaves your family wanting and one where unwanted calories never come knocking. Here’s how:

Sugar blended with Stevia.
With the perfect blend of sugar with Stevia, I'm lite becomes the smarter and healthier choice for your family.
Half the usage. Full on sweetness.
You need to use just half the quantity of I'm lite to get the same amount of sweetness as your ordinary sugar. With none of the guilt!
Hygienically packed.
Ensuring every pack goes through robust quality checks & meets hygiene standards before reaching your hands, we tick all the right boxes when it comes to purity & safety.
Helps in weight management.
Are your fitness goals measuring up? With I'm lite, giving you fewer calories, you can get fit fast and have your weight loss goals, under control.
50% less calories.
Losing patience but not your calories? With I'm lite giving you 50% less calories, you can beat those extra calories with no extra effort.